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From Blistering to Blissful: 5 Cool Holiday Spots to Escape to This Summer

As the heat wave sweeps mercilessly across India, there is one thought that hounds us collectively as a nation  – What can we do find some relief?

Some seek shelter in cool drinks, others throw themselves in front of the ACs, and still others dive into the comfort of a swimming pool and refuse to come out.

Great ideas of all those, but won’t it just be better to escape from the country altogether and fly into the welcoming arms of place that’s not trying to broil you alive? Besides, with the schools scheduled to close down for almost 2 months, your kids could tag along as well for some ‘cool’ adventure.

So, it’s settled – you’re absconding to save your life, skin, and sanity. Here are some gorgeous places that will work like salve on that poor, blistered, and tanned skin.


As the mercury rises in the Northern hemisphere (that’s where we are), to the south of this imaginary line lie all things chilly and favorable. Argentina, with its glacial lakes and the Andes mountains, will make you forget the horror-of-a-weather you left behind. Patagonia is particularly stunning around this time of the year and offers some of the best snowboarding and skiing in South America.


Most people recommend visiting Bhutan during the autumn, but the second best season to catch the beauty of this quaint place would be spring. With bright rhododendrons and wildflowers decking your trail, there’s no hurrying through the trek at all. Just go for long walks and lose yourself in the dramatic beauty of this Himalayan kingdom. However, plan your trip in a way that you’re visiting places in the higher altitude, because the lower regions of this country can be a bit hot.

South Africa

Wildlife enthusiasts should head straight for South Africa without giving it a second thought. Plan a safari at Kruger National Park or go down to the Boulders Beach near Cape Town where you can spot African Penguins waddling comically along the beach. And since it’s the off season around this time, you won’t be trampled by a hoard of tourists.


Australia is a huge place which needs time, money, and patience to explore. Summer holidays afford you the time, and the rest you have to figure out for yourself. If you’re able to wriggle out of work commitment for three to four weeks, you can touch most of the high spots of the country. If you have only limited time on your hands, head to New South Wales and visit Mount Kosciuszko for some skiing and snowboarding adventure.

French Polynesia

Vivid shades of blue, indigo, sapphire, and turquoise come together to create a spectacle so visually dazzling, we wouldn’t blame you if you were stupefied for a good few minutes after looking at it. There’s so much to do here – excursions into tropical wonderlands, sailing, diving, snorkeling, aqua safari – that you’re going to have a perplexing time trying to figure out what activities to squeeze into your schedule. Or you could put your feet up and do absolutely nothing at all, because, why not?

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