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From Awkward to Aesthetic – Give Difficult Corners in Your Home a Facelift

A home is a bundle of mysterious and curious places. Each one of them invariably has those awkward corners that stick out like a sore thumb. We have no idea what to do with them, but, would, nonetheless, like to decorate them to the best of our imagination.

With some time, effort, thinking, and will power, it’s possible to turn those unused places at home into beautiful corners. And these tips could give you some ideas on where to get started.



Place Some Plants:

This idea may be a traditional one, but it is always useful. Plants lend a positive vibe to a home. Choose a hardy indoor plant, preferably one that has got huge leaves, and for more impact, hang a painting above it. The simplicity of this arrangement can add wonders to the corners.




Create a Reading Corner:

If you’re a bookworm, this would be a particularly attractive option for you. Buy a small shelf, keep all your favorite books in it and place a small and cozy sofa or a chair next to it, so you can sit there and read comfortably.




Place a Cabinet or an Antique Table:

Some things are never out of fashion, which is why they are considered a classic. An antique table in the corner where you can keep your personal diary, display family photographs, or keep an artistic vase will always look beautiful. You could also place a small lamp on the table, which could double as a source of light at night.




Paint in a Different Color:  

Paint the wall a different color. Spread a mat there and use the corner to meditate, exercise or do yoga. If you’re spiritually inclined, hang a painting of Buddha and you have a beautiful nook all to yourself.

Give Difficult Corners in Your Home a Facelift – If you put your heart into it, there’s virtually no awkward corner that can’t be transformed from an eyesore into an aesthetically appealing focal point of the room. Let’s get started then, shall we?

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