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An Ethereal Wonderland Beckons You This Winter

During winters, our garden and backyard often tend to get neglected. In trying to stay snug and warm, most of us forget that the landscape continues to unfurl a marvelous scene even during the colder months of the year. So don’t let the wintery chill stop you from enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors. Take cues from these beautiful garden ideas and add some charm to your winter landscape.

Offering to the Songbirds

Picture Credit: Rebecca’s Bird Garden

No matter how cold it might be outside, the songbirds will still be foraging for food. Make life a little easier for them by installing a bird feeder in your garden. This will provide food and shelter to these winged creatures, while also adding life and cheer to your garden. Can you imagine a more beautiful sight than birdies pecking away at the food you put out for them or splashing around merrily in the bird bath? We think not.

Wonderland in a Container – Unique Terrariums

So what if the winter foliage doesn’t have the bright colors of spring? There’s a lot of appeal in the flowerless beauty of winter as well which you can do to your advantage. Take a walk through the green area, collecting branches and dried perennial stems. Ornamental grasses, all sorts of evergreens, and pine cones are striking in the chilly weather. Now, use them to create a winter wonderland in unique containers like earthen pots, broken barrels, even fish bowls. Just fill the container two-thirds full of sand to support the foliage better. Now just arrange the branches you’ve collected, add a few colorful stones or marbles and your winter wonderland is ready.

Twinkling Lights

With short winter days and long winter evening, it’s time to perk things up and make the most of the night light. And the one thing that immediately pops to mind is fairy lights! If you’ve got a gazebo or pergola in your garden/backyard, drape them with fairy lights to create a star-like canopy, echoing the night sky above. If not, just add softly flickering candles in lanterns along the length of your walkway for an otherworldly entrance to your home. Won’t that be a sight to cheer your eyes as you sit on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate (or a nightcap if you please!)?

Fire, Fire, Burning Bright

                                                                             Picture Credit: Bigstock photos

What’re winters without a bonfire? And what’s a bonfire without cozy seating around it? Create a quick, makeshift bonfire pit in your garden or backyard and place some comfortable chairs around it. This simplest of settings can set the mood for parties, get-togethers, and a whole lot of camaraderie. And on moonless, chilly nights, you can bring out your guitar and serenade the twinkly stars and the inky black sky with an impromptu melody. Make sure you have a good supply of warm throws and blankets so you don’t catch a cold and spend the rest of winters sniffling and atishoo-ing!

It’s time to turn your focus on your garden and set the atmosphere for a series of cozy, well-spent winter evenings. Because when the mercury dips, a silvery landscape beckons you with its stark beauty and simple charm!


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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