East Meets West in Cher’s Los Angeles Duplex

East Meets West in Cher’s Los Angeles Duplex!

Celebrity homes have always drawn eyes to themselves and Cher’s duplex in Los Angeles is no different. If you want to see how beautifully one can combine spirituality with unapologetic spunk, this is the place to check out.


 Cher is a follower of Buddhist doctrines and a long time devotee of Pema Chödrön ­an American Buddhist nun. Her house represents her passions and it’s nothing short of a dream come true.


Cher partnered with interior designer friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard to create an enticing, ethnic, and romantic private space. Her home features a mix of neutral shades, like creams, whites, ivories, and buttery beiges. She prefers using a subtle palette to give her home a calm, yet chic, look.


The main floor in the Cher’s home exudes a Zen feeling with handcrafted latticework screens, a kitchen, a 16th century Chinese opium bed and a flat screen TV. The bedroom is huge, fulfilling Cher’s fantasy of having sprawling space to retire to at the end of the day.


Bullard has created two loft­like open floors as her private sanctuary. Connected to the rest of the house by a spiral staircase, this bedroom is filled with a lot of exotic decorative items, like a dazzling platform bed and a Cleopatra­style luxurious bath. A tub made of 19th century stone sits in the middle of the bathroom, while a mirror façade camouflages the dressing room.


Apart from great singing and acting skills, Cher also possesses a great eye for detail. Everything in her home stands in testimony to that and each corner is a visual treat for our eyes!



Courtesy (Pictures and Reference): Architectural Digest  Published by AD as Part of a interview-  East Meets West in Cher’s Los Angeles Duplex

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