Ideas for Antique Trunks

Do it Yourself Ideas for Antique Trunks

In the olden days, trunks were an absolutely necessity for travelling. As time went on and the years rolled by, these trunks quickly faded away and got replaced by less expensive and easier to move luggage. Since then, these antique trunks have become pretty obsolete.

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But slowly, they are now being used for another much different purpose, interior decorating. There are many ways you can use these old antique trunks that you may have purchased or inherited. These trunks, that would offer large storage space, are now being used very creatively for interior decoration. Here are some do it yourself ideas that you use for antique trunks. - Journey-Vintage-Tobacco-Leather-Trunk-Side-Table-bb78f9d6-2d21-4243-9404-7341fed984cd

One way you can use these old antique trunks is as a coffee table in your living room. By painting those with a color that blends in perfectly with the rest of your living room or by draping them up in a classy table cloth, old antique trunks can easily be used as classy and elegant coffee tables.

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Another creative way of using old antique trunks for your interior decoration is by using them as bedside tables. Keeping two trunks on each side of your bed and painting them with a color that matches your bed will make them look like the perfect match for your room, and since these trunks are pretty big, you can place a lot of things on them. Another bed related thing to do with these trunks is to use them as a bench at the foot of the bed.

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These antique trunks can also be used as bookshelves and magazine racks. You can use them as bookshelves or magazine racks simply by making them stand on one side and opening them up. Finally, you can also use them as stand-alone room accents that will end up adding style and character to your interiors.

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