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Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

The summer is already upon us and soon to follow is the holiday season. Kids will get their vacations and you will start getting visitors. Loads and loads of them. Now is the ideal time for you get started on those renovation plans you’d been putting off for so long.

And while you’re at it, why not update your home’s decor to match the look that’s trending this year. As they say, it’s always good to keep up with the times. Not only will you have a beautiful home to show off, but you can also even boast of staying up to date with the latest in the design industry


Your entryway is the first real taste of your house, so spend some time sprucing it up. And by ‘sprucing’, we don’t mean you stuff it with more things! In fact, we mean just the opposite – declutter it.


Minimalistic entryways are fast becoming one of the biggest trends for 2019. Don’t be left behind!


  • A nice section for hanging coats/bags is essential.
  • You might wanna get a mirror or a seating place for people to use while putting on their shoes.


Most people are judged by the way they keep their bathrooms. Design yours in a way that it has a voice and a character. Let it speak to the person using it.



  • Get a wallpaper — there’s nothing more vocal than a wall plastered with art!
  • Go to the elegant, professional way. Best suited for those looking for a more modern, retro look.


Sure, you can throw in bright paints and flashy curtains, but your bedroom needs something bolder. Tell the world you’re not afraid to take chances. Tell them you’re ready for the bold and beautiful!



  • A wooden panel running all the way up to the ceiling, like a meandering extension of your head-rest is one of the top bedroom trends among high-end homes.
  • Lose the TV from the bedroom. Instead get a projector. It’s less expensive and offers a more immersive feel.
  •  Play with the lights to create textures and patterns. This can be an ideal replacement for wall paints or wallpapers.


A concept that is appealing to more and more interior decorators is ‘The Age of Openness’. In pursuit of airier kitchens, many designers are getting rid of upper cabinets altogether.

Instead, they prefer open shelving that lends a lighter feel to the kitchen. At the same time, it room to build in additional windows.


Lots of light, lots of air, and as little brick as possible, that’s the mantra for The Age of Openness.


  • Open kitchens are the best examples of this philosophy. Don’t make kitchens a separate part of your home, instead integrate them with either the hall or living room.
  • Opt for shelves instead of cupboards. Although, we don’t recommend this if your home is susceptible to dust, as open shelves would greatly increase your labor, getting dusty all the time!


The best thing about summer is the late evenings you spend outside in the garden, sharing a cold beverage with friends and family. Redesign your porch/garden to serve this purpose.



  • Use brightly colored fabrics for the sun-shades or the covers for your furniture. Spring and Summer are all about spreading color, so don’t shy away!
  • Go classic and get a swing! The children will absolutely love it. Even if you don’t have any young ones in your family, it the perfect place to read a book, accompanied by some authentic French wine!

Victorian designs with deep patterns are long gone. The new age designs are minimalist and simplistic. That’s why a lot of designers prefer brighter, cleaner homes.

It is imperative, however, to not get carried away by trends. The style is about personal expression; so go out there, experiment, and find your voice. And don’t forget to write to us about your experiences.

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