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Decor Guidelines to Transform Your Space any Time

Designers use their imagination and creativity to bring dull spaces alive. Although there are a few rough sets of rules that designers follow, they are always breaking boundaries and trying the untried and doing what was never done before. They follow their instincts to breed fresh and unique designs. If you desire to redo your home but don’t wish to hire a professional, a few loose rules followed by designers can help you curate your space like a stylist.

Choosing the Color Tone  

Color not only sets the mood of the room but lays the foundations for a stylish space. Pick up the best piece of your existing decor and take inspiration from it while choosing your room’s color shade. Ideally, the walls should be painted the last as the accessories of a room determine the overall appearance of a room, so the walls should complement the surroundings accordingly. The layering of colors is a contemporary way to infuse different colors into a room’s setting without changing the color theme that needs to be incorporated.


A cluttered space is anything but graceful. Resist your temptations to use all your pre-owned decor materials and use them sparingly. Choose the ones that you’re connected to the most like a birthday gift from your childhood. While buying furniture and accessories buy a few quality pieces which will bring a fresh outlook and won’t clog the breathing space.

Rules Govern Rugs 

Depending on the size of the room, you may choose to arrange your furniture in two ideal ways. You may opt to create a more luxurious feel by placing all the furniture legs on top of a rug. Alternatively, you may choose to keep a gap of around six inches between the furniture and the rug. This setting best suits smaller rooms or when you layer a pattern over a larger solid rug. Remember, rugs are not only meant for the floors, but you can also hang them as wall decor elements.  

Create a Focal Point

A room needs a focal point where everything rests. Too many elements in a room give way to visual noise that spoils the entire aura. The placement of the focal point should be across the entrance of the room so that it draws the onlooker’s attention with his first glance. The focal point can be anything like a statue, a pendant lamp, a rug on the wall or even an antique chair.

Proportional Sizes

Whenever you buy decor pieces, make sure that they are in harmony with the size of the room. Everything that looks great and perfect in the store doesn’t make the best fit for your room. It should neither be gigantic nor be too insignificant that it doesn’t even catch the eye.

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