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Creating an impression with Impressionism

In the 19th century, an art movement originated in Paris. This movement, which was brought to prominence during the late 19th century, was known as Impressionism.  The name of this style was basically derived from the title of a painting by famous French artist Claude Monet, called Impression, Soleil Levant, that basically translated to impression, sunrise.

wikimedia - Claude_Monet,_Impression,_soleil_levant

Basically, paintings that had an impressionism style were made up of relatively small, thin but visible brush strokes, had an open composition and an emphasis on the accurate and realistic depiction of light in its changing qualities. Later on, the development of Impressionism in the visual arts was followed by analogous styles in other media that became known as impressionist literature and impressionist music. - contemporary

When looking for impressionism painting, there are few techniques that you need to look out for. Any high-quality impressionism painting will have a few attributes in it that will make it stand apart. First of all, if you are planning to make an impression with impressionism you should look out for paintings that are made up using thick strokes of paint and are able to quickly capture the essence of the subject instead of the details. In these painting, colors are applied side-by-side with as little mixing as possible, a technique that exploits the principle of simultaneous contrast effectively.

Abigail Ahern - eclectic

You should also look for paintings with dark grey and dark tones that are produced by mixing complementary colors. This is because pure impressionism avoids the use of black paint.  Also, impressionist painting does not exploit the transparency of thin paint films which earlier artists manipulated to produce varied effects.  Apart from all of this, in impressionist paintings, the paint is always applied to a white or light-colored ground. Previously, painters would have used dark-colored grounds.

Impressionism, Renaissance or Abstract Moderns, art is a great way to add taste and style to your home decor.

Image Courtesy: wikimedia, katelovejoy, Abigail Ahern, Made-to-Order-Art



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