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Courtney Cox’s Malibu Beach Home Inspires Envy & Desire

Actress Courtney Cox is popular all over the world for her role as Monica in one of the most popular sitcoms of all times – Friends. But, there are still a lot of things about her that are not common knowledge.

For instance, did you know that Courtney Cox actually wanted to be an architect?

Courtney Cox Malibu Beach Private Retreat

That’s right. Courtney Cox has aspirations of designing beautiful buildings, and to that end she took architecture courses before pursuing acting. Her futuristic and modern Malibu Beach House, built with the help of Michael Kovac, is the perfect example of her creative skills.

Here are a few beautiful elements you cannot miss when you take a sneak peek into her house, you surely can’t miss a few vital aspects:

  • A grey toned kitchen seating room with a Massimo Vitali photograph hung on the wall.

Courtney Cox Kitchen Seating

  • The living room has window trims in striking black, which offer an incredible view

  • Purple throws that can be wonderfully placed on the similar colored sofa seats for kids and puppies to rest.

Courtney Cox Living Room

  • An exquisite painting by Kent Williams placed above a simple étagère along with a designer lamp by Interieurs that lightens up the living room.

Courtney Cox Sleek Kitchen

  • The eye catching vintage style barstools that bring a touch of old fashioned beauty to the sleek kitchen.

  • The awe-inspiring serenity of the master bedroom which is further enhanced by a Matt Palmer painting.

Courtney Cox Malibu Home Master Bedroom

  • Her plush bed is made of zinc while the bedside tables are constructed of selenite.

Courtney Cox Master Bath

  • The master bath that draws influence from Cox’s father’s artworks is an interesting space in itself.

  • There is an interesting screening house with a gallery kitchen and an outside bar with vinyl stools

Courtney Cox Gallery Kitchen

  • And the icing on the cake – her master bedroom opens out onto a terrace with a view of the Pacific Ocean!

Courteney Cox, Malibu Elle Decor

Courtney Cox Terrace Seating
Sigh! Who wouldn’t want to live in a house as gorgeous and beautiful as this one? Aren’t we just really envious of Courtney Cox right now!


Image Courtesy: Elle Decor

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