Diwali Snuck Up On You While You Were Busy? We’ve Got These Quick Décor Ideas to Bail You Out!

Diwali Snuck Up On You While You Were Busy? We’ve Got These Quick Décor Ideas to Bail You Out!

Ah, Diwali! The time of fun, lights, and fireworks! The festival of lights is almost here and it brings with it a marathon of dinner parties, get-togethers, and pujas. But wait! Did you forget something called Diwali decorating? If this little detail of the season slipped your mind thanks to deadlines and meetings, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered with these easy, quick, and stress-free décor ideas!

Smart is the Way to go

diwali decor hacks

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Work smarter, not harder’?  Well, whether or not you have enough time on hands, we’re huge advocates of the ‘Decorate smarter, not harder’ mantra, especially now that the countdown to Diwali has begun!

Begin your Diwali cleaning efforts by choosing the key areas of your house that the guests will be seeing. For most, this would be the entryway, living and dining room, and maybe the kitchen. Once you’ve identified these areas, give them a quick round of cleaning. You’ll be surprised at what a quick wipe down and vacuuming can do for a room. So, grab your cleaning supplies and get this one task out of the way.

Get Fancy with Fabrics!

Diwali Decor Hacks

Perfectly placed cushions, upholstery and rugs can truly transform a room. Picking a combination of festive colours and rich fabrics can take your everyday décor from passé to ooh la la! You can get really creative here. Mix and match eclectic pieces that go together. The trick to doing this without giving your space a cluttered feel is to choose a neutral base colour. We recommend golds, reds, greens, creams, violets, and all the rest of the quintessential Diwali colours, because let’s be real, they’re classics for a reason. Also, go for velvets and satins for a truly decadent look.

And then God said, Let there be Flowers!

As a last minute resort, flowers are your saviors. They are, by far, the most tasteful way to decorate. Spread them out in strategically placed vases for that much-needed pop of color, or simply float them in glass bowls and keep them where they can be noticed. Make sure they’re nowhere near an electrical outlet and they don’t obstruct the movement of people through the room.

Flowers have done up in urlis also make for beautiful entryway décor, and may we suggest adding some floating candles for that extra va-va-voom. You can even do quick rangolis with petals or whole flowers around your urlis to complete the look.

Psst … using some fake flowers can take the whole burden of watering them off your head. We have some really beautiful ones in our catalogue and they’re so life like that you can barely tell the difference.

Tablescapes that Never Fail to Impress!

diwali decor hacks

Having the right tableware can greatly reduce the effort you put into setting the table because your plates take the cake (literally and figuratively). So if you invest in anything this November, let it be a really great dinner set
and you’ll be ready to welcome anyone anytime.

In addition to the china, don’t forget to pay attention to things like the tablecloths, runners, and placemats. Pick out something that looks decidedly festive (we’re thinking of something in red and gold, maybe) and complement those with a centerpiece of flowers and candles.

There! Nothing’s going to come in the way of you celebrating a zesty Diwali! You’re all set to impress even the most discerning of house guests! Dig into your favorite dishes, sip on some delicious drinks, sit back with your awestruck company, and admire the fruits of your handiwork. And don’t forget to have a really great Diwali!


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