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Color Schemes That Rule 2019

Color Schemes That Will Rule 2019

As we enter the last leg of 2019 starts approaching us in earnest. Winter’s here in full swing, and New Year is just around the corner.

But why are we discussing seasons? Let’s talk about how you can fill your home with color to make these otherwise dull months pop and turn your home into a Mecca of latest trends.



1. Cultural & Exotic

The mellow red and the dull, dusty gold have always a special place in creating the magic associated with the Middle East. You can use darker shades of orange to enhance the contrast and create deep shadows with the gold. Accessorize the room with antique pieces or heavy, embroidered drapes.



2. Rustic Copper

For bright, spacious rooms, use rustic copper. It lends vibrancy to a space that very few colors are able to do. Use it sparingly, though — a single metallic vase or a lamp. The rest the of the room can white or egg-white to create a sense of drama.


3. Chocolate Comfort

This is an ideal choice of color for a living room that’s a bit strangled for light. Plush, comfy couches stitched with dark-brown/chocolate-brown leather, checkered or diagonally strapped pillows, and beige walls — together, they’ll create a room no one would want to leave for hours. Throw in an animal print rug for good measure.


4. Woody Wine

If you have an in-home bar or you’re planning to build one, wood is the way to go. Nothing compliments old wine like dark mahogany or polished pine! Hang bell-jar lights over the counter and use high chairs instead of high stools.


5. Blues from Prussia 

Your bedroom would be hard-pressed to find anything better than Prussian Blue. The flashy golds and the glistening greens many look rich, but this Blue from Prussia is royal! Match with off-white or cream carpet, and a dark, deep brown wooden four-poster.

What are your décor choices this fall? How are you going to spice-up your residence? Have any ideas you think we should definitely know about? Then don’t forget to write to us. We’ll be glad to hear!



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