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Summer’s almost over, and the season’s changing. Thinking of Decorating Your Home? Why, yes, of course! But before you pick up a paint roller, and go furniture shopping, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Ever wonder how some homes have that immaculate balance of colors and accessories? How the seemingly bold and contrasting tones work harmoniously?

Find out the tricks to achieve that perfect looking home. They are pretty simple ones so you can definitely try them out in your home.

The 60-30-10 Golden Rule

The 60-30-10 rule is a pretty common color percentage rule that most designers swear by. You don’t need to stick to it like a math formula, but having a general idea helps a lot when you’re decorating.  According to this rule, sixty percent of a room consists of the wall space, flooring, large pieces of furniture, and has one dominant color. Thirty percent is made up of accent furniture, area rugs, wood trim, textiles, and more in accent colors, or tones that complement the dominant color. Ten percent is the accessories like decor, artwork and other smaller items in shades and tones that pop up and yet, bring a sense of cohesiveness to the whole room.

Use A Colour Wheel

I’m sure you’ve seen those circles with different shades that somehow seem to blend together. That’s a color wheel. Why that is handy when you’re planning to paint your home is because it shows you which colors go well together. A color wheel has primarily twelve colors but the possibilities are infinite. You can also create your own color wheel online on websites like Paletton or apps like ColorSchemer if you want to save yourself the hassle of brainstorming.

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Colors Have Temperatures Too

Did this surprise you? Ever walked into a room and thought it looked warm and sunny? Or that it looked sleek and cold? It’s the colors. Shades of reds, oranges and yellow have a warm temperature so any place that is painted and decorated with these colors will have a warm feeling. In contrast, white, greys, blues, purples and most greens have a cool temperature.

That’s all great, but how does this help you? Once you know the temperature of a color, you can put it to use accordingly. So, if your room is in the colder part of the house you could use a lovely shade of mustard yellow or golden orange to warm it up. And if your living room receives a lot of sunlight, an icy blue or lavender could really cheer up the place.

Go Monochrome

Having a monochromatic palette is one of the easiest ways to achieve a harmonious look for your home. In this method, you need to have three varying shades – by using the 60-30-10 rule – of the same color. Having the same color might sound overwhelming but if you use the golden rule correctly in varying shades and tones, you’ll be surprised. It is great to use it in smaller spaces since monochrome makes spaces look bigger. The neutral monochromatic color scheme also adds a very relaxing feel to your home.

With these rules in mind, pick one, and carry on with your furniture hunting and wall painting. You can be confident that you’ll never go wrong again!

Rules aren’t always bad, after all!


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