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Bedrooms are our private retreat, a refuge from the perils of the day, the sanctuary we return to after a day of hard work. Given that they are an intensely personal space, how we decorate our bedrooms say a lot about our style and personality, but perhaps the biggest tell-all is the bed linen we choose.

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples of the different types of bed linen and what we can ascertain (pretty accurately) about the people who choose them. Because you are where you sleep, right?

1. Crisp White sheets

Classic and timeless, crisp white sheets exude a feeling of serenity. If you prefer them, you are likely to be a fan of minimalism. You abhor fuss and clutter and your rooms are spick and span all the time.

But that doesn’t mean you’re spartan by nature. You admire the finer things in life and don’t mind luxury (who does?). You know that quality often comes at a cost and don’t mind spending a little extra! But you’re careful not to go over the top and sophistication underlines everything you do.

2. Stripes & Polka Dots

Stripes convey confidence. Your classic style is all about pearls and polos. You dismiss the gray areas of life and firmly believe in the difference between black and white. You’re a decisive, no-nonsense kind of person. An excellent planner, you’re able to maintain balance in all things in life. You sure do make a mean cup of tea, and when you retire for the night, you need a space that’s just as calm and restrained as you are. And therefore, stripes, with their tranquil symmetry are the perfect choice for you, right?

Polka dots are usually associated with being cheery, fun, and light-hearted. Women who love them see the entire world as their playground. They’re happy to go lucky and are able to make most things fun and dynamic.

3. Chevron

Most people might find chevron to be too busy for their liking, but you? You’re all about trends and frequently set and follow them. So when chevron was introduced to the world a few years ago, you jumped all over it. Oh, and don’t think we don’t spy those blue walls that are so in right now. Seriously, how do you keep up?

4. Florals: Bright or Soft

You are the definition of an extrovert buzzing with positive energy. Thanks to your social life, your calendar is almost always full. You enjoy being pampered and love to be the center of attention. You’re also a romantic at heart and a bit of an idealist. You tend to see the best in people and have dreams of exploring the world at large.

5. Soft & Sensible

If you favor soft, cozy bedspreads in subtle colors, you are probably a person who values physical and emotional comfort. For you, a calm, relaxing environment is vital and you want your room to be as simple and relaxing as possible. Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve got plenty of cushions and soft toys adorning your bed. Go on, admit it!

6. Mismatched & Unmade

If you’re one of those who don’t bother making your bed or matching the sheets with the cover, you’re likely to be a spontaneous woman and maybe a teeny bit disorganized. You’re mostly on the go and matching sheets are not important to you. However, comfort is, so even if your bedding isn’t color coordinated, your sheets will still be super soft.

So, how did we do? Were we spot on or did we miss the mark completely? Either way, you have to admit that your choices do reflect a little bit of who you are and everything that passes your hands tells a story. Bed linen is no different. And Address Home has a wide range of bed linen and euros for you to choose from. Take a look at our collection and you just might spot something that speaks to you.


Img Courtesy: Dering Hall, Pinterest

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