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Furniture Trends for 2019: What’s In & What’s Out

Our living spaces are constantly evolving, changing with our understanding of the space, our needs, and sometimes our moods. If you’re looking to do up your home a little differently this year or you’ve got a major renovation project on your hands, let the furniture trends of 2019 guide you. That way, not only do you end up with a beautiful house, you also have...

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All Things Green & Vibrant: Bringing Home the Botanical Style

The most loved interior decoration trend this spring is bringing the garden into the house. This delightful interior design trend borrows its name from the book Botanical Style, which was published three years ago. However, the author of the book – famed stylist Selina Lake – has been championing the cause of this lush design movement for a very long time, even before her book...

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Eco-conscious & Grand: How to Plan a Wedding that Marries Both Worlds

A wedding is a one-time celebration, and whether you choose to host a grand affair or a muted gathering, extravagance in various degrees cannot be avoided. But as dwellers of a planet that’s fast falling to ruin, we have a responsibility to shoulder and we must ensure that our merrymaking doesn’t leave wastefulness and damage in its wake. While most people understand the importance of...

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Unique Ideas to Put a Spin on the Usual Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots are all the rage these days. Take a walk through Hauz Khas Village or any of Delhi’s other iconic landmarks – Lodhi Garden, Humayun’s Tomb, Agrasen ki Baoli – and you won’t be able to go a hundred meters without running into an enthusiastic couple accompanied by an even more enthusiastic photographer and his lackey. The costumes are elaborate, the photographs staged...

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Home Accessories Trends That Are Sweeping Across Homes in 2019

A home is a reflection of our personality, which shines through in the way you do up space. While most tend to pay attention to the theme and color, your selection of décor items is extremely telling as well. Let’s just say, home accessories are like pieces of jewelry, and no interior design is complete without that perfect selection of decor items. The year 2019...

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Alternatives to Boring Wedding Gifts: Here’s What You Can Give to Make a Lasting Impression

The wedding season is around the corner, and we, as guests, like to put our most glamorous foot forward at these affairs. The attire is put together with great thought, the jewelry selected with care, and the accessories matched with precision. But what about gifts for the lucky couple? While your presence is definitely sought after, your gifts are what will leave a truly lasting...

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Less is More: How to Have Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas is almost here, ladies! How you must be looking forward to spending chilly evenings curled up in your favorite armchair with a cup of hot cocoa or a lovely glass of wine. It’s also that time of the year when we all succumb to the pleasures of doing up our homes to mark the coming of the Yuletide. But instead of going in for...

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Wine & Winters: A Match Made in Connoisseur Heaven

Winters are almost upon us and what better time to throw a wine tasting at home than now? Some good friends, cheese and crackers, good music, and of course, the choicest selection of wines … Ah, doesn’t that sound like the perfect antidote to the chilly afternoons and grey skies of the winter months! Here’s how to host a spectacular wine tasting. Right from the...

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An Ethereal Wonderland Beckons You This Winter

During winters, our garden and backyard often tend to get neglected. In trying to stay snug and warm, most of us forget that the landscape continues to unfurl a marvelous scene even during the colder months of the year. So don’t let the wintery chill stop you from enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors. Take cues from these beautiful garden ideas and add some charm...

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