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Glamping is a new luxury travel trend that has become immensely popular among travelers who want to experience the thrill of camping without compromising on comfort in any way. So what exactly is ‘glamping’? As the name suggests, it is when glamour meets camping … because why should an appreciation of outdoor life have to be at the cost of creature comfort, right? Can’t we...

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Poolside Soiree Success Mantra – What to Do & What Not to Do

Come summers, pool parties are the hottest (or should we say ‘the coolest’) way to unwind and beat the merciless mercury into submission. Gently rippling waves, bright-hued beachwear, tall glasses of frozen drinks … sigh, what’s not to love! But as seductive as the idea may be, pulling off a Miami beach vibe poolside soiree is anything but easy. And you need more than blue...

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5 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

As the winter draws to a close, this is the perfect time to bring out your gardening boots and retrieve those gardening implements from the cupboard. With just a little bit of coaxing, the earth is going to become pliable in your hands and send forth beautiful blooms. All it needs is some time, effort, and patience. Here are some tips to revitalize your outdoor...

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Living up the High Life: The Most Expensive Suites in India

Hotels have always been an epitome of comfort and indulgence; a milestone of those moments when people decided to take a well-earned break and pamper themselves. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sinking into the lap of luxury and leaving the whole world behind? Well, that’s how one part of the world lives, peeking into the lives of the rich and famous, and savoring a small...

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Taking it Eze, Under the Blue Sky & By the Bluer Seas

The French Riviera, the Côte d’Azure, the jewel of France. A brilliant blue coastline dotted with beauty, glamour, and luxury. So alluring is the charm of this Mediterranean jewel that people have been drawn towards it time and time again. And each time they came back, they had accumulated tales so rich and pictures so colorful that we can’t help but wonder if they stepped...

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Go Wild! 5 Resorts That Are a Haven for Wildlife Lovers

For animal lovers, no vacation can be complete unless they’ve had a close encounter of the third kind with wildlife. The thrill of seeing animals beyond the enclosed space of a zoo, roaming free in their own habitat, is not something that can be described in words. If you’re that big an enthusiast, why step out of your hotel to go on a safari? Let...

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magical garden party

If you have a beautiful garden at your disposal, your summer evenings are about to become a lot more fun! Gardens are full of potential and the perfect setting for all kinds of celebrations – from brunches to high teas to picnics to dinners. Now, good food, great drinks and a whole of chatter are essential to the success of your garden party. But, if...

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10 Luxurious Waterfront Restaurants Around The World

This summer enjoys some of the most breathtaking waterfront terraces in the world. Here you have 10 of the most beautiful restaurants where you should think to celebrate a special event, a romantic moment or a gathering of friends. here are 10 Luxurious Waterfront Restaurants Around The World. Hotel Danieli – Venezia  Rosa Nautica – Lima Tuğra Restaurant and Lounge – Istanbul Torre Sponda – Positano W Retreat – Maldives...

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How to Design a Comfortable Seating Area in the Patio

Many people feel that the patio isn’t exactly a place to relax. But, contrary to popular belief, the patio can be turned into the social hub of your home where you can organize low-key evening parties of wine, conversation and of course, food. How do you prepare your patio for some fun days of entertaining? Just follow these few basic points: 1. Clean up the...

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