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The Top 6 Gifts You Should Buy For Your Home in 2019

New Year brings on a wave of all things fresh, sparkling, and inviting. This is the time when we notice people taking to their home decoration projects with gusto. There’s just something about a brand new year that sends them into a gleeful spree to spruce things up. So, in 2019, here are a few things we highly recommend buying for your home. After all,...

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Eco-conscious & Grand: How to Plan a Wedding that Marries Both Worlds

A wedding is a one-time celebration, and whether you choose to host a grand affair or a muted gathering, extravagance in various degrees cannot be avoided. But as dwellers of a planet that’s fast falling to ruin, we have a responsibility to shoulder and we must ensure that our merrymaking doesn’t leave wastefulness and damage in its wake. While most people understand the importance of...

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New Year, New Home: Decorating Resolutions to Put On Your List in 2019

The forecast for 2019 is looking good, people and interior designers the world around are excited about the projected trends for the coming year. Though not completely disjointed from last year’s look and feel, you will see a departure from straight lines and moody greys. 2018 was a year of upheavals and there were a great many unfortunate incidents around the world. People have been...

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Less is More: How to Have Scandinavian Christmas

Christmas is almost here, ladies! How you must be looking forward to spending chilly evenings curled up in your favorite armchair with a cup of hot cocoa or a lovely glass of wine. It’s also that time of the year when we all succumb to the pleasures of doing up our homes to mark the coming of the Yuletide. But instead of going in for...

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La Vie Boheme – Boho Inspired Decor Trends

There’s no denying that the boho chic style is having its decor moment. It’s almost impossible to miss the eclectic and layered bohemian-inspired decor splashed across all the major decor magazines. Primarily influenced by 1970’s design, the bohemian decor typically includes natural, rustic elements, rich colors, and layered textiles that give a more casual, collected feel to space and combine eclectic and fun without trying...

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Flower Power to the Rescue: This Festive Season, Brighten Up Your Space With Flowers!

A beautiful flower arrangement can add the much wanted magical touch your home needs during the festive season. In fact, we can’t think of one occasion that would be complete without the use of flowers. And if you stick to these tried and tested styles of flower arrangements, you’re guaranteed to woo the crowd. 1. Lay It Down (The Horizontal Flower Arrangement)   If you...

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This Festive Season, Let Your Dinner Setting Do The Talking

Hosting dinner parties are difficult, more so when it’s during the festive season. And, considering that the highlight of any gathering is the food, deciding on a menu is no cakewalk. There’s a lot that goes in to ensure that you walk away with the title of the perfect hostess, and unless you get the theme, the ambiance, the drinks, the Tableware, and even the...

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Diwali Snuck Up On You While You Were Busy? We’ve Got These Quick Décor Ideas to Bail You Out!

Ah, Diwali! The time of fun, lights, and fireworks! The festival of lights is almost here and it brings with it a marathon of dinner parties, get-togethers, and pujas. But wait! Did you forget something called Diwali decorating? If this little detail of the season slipped your mind thanks to deadlines and meetings, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered with these easy,...

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The Mystery of Space Transformation Revealed this Diwali

The festive season of Diwali is around the corner and the guests are going to start pouring in very soon. Your home is going to be the center of attention and what better excuse to revamp your old décor than Diwali? No, we aren’t asking you to go all out. Giving your space a festive makeover doesn’t necessarily warrant a full redesign. There are numerous...

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