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Instant Ways to Jazz Up Grey & Dreary Rainy Days

The rains are lovely. It’s almost like nature is putting together a symphony of tinkling sounds and rhythmic drum beats for our pleasure. But for some, overcast skies are a bit of a drag. Humidity and lack of sunlight can often leave them feeling dull and gloomy. However, just because the world outside is grey doesn’t mean your home inside had to be touched by...

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Furniture Trends for 2019: What’s In & What’s Out

Our living spaces are constantly evolving, changing with our understanding of the space, our needs, and sometimes our moods. If you’re looking to do up your home a little differently this year or you’ve got a major renovation project on your hands, let the furniture trends of 2019 guide you. That way, not only do you end up with a beautiful house, you also have...

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Say Hello to the Pantone Colour of the Year, 2019: Living Coral

Pantone, the gods of color forecasting, have gone ahead and wowed us once again. This year’s go-to color is a bright peachy orange with warm gold undertones. Pantone’s global team of experts have gone for this bright coral shade because it symbolizes an innate need for optimum and joyful living conditions. Apart from its exuberant feel, the beauty of Living Coral is the ease with...

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European Christmas Traditions That You Didn’t Know About

Christmas takes on a very stereotypical form in India. An opulently decked Christmas tree stands in the corner of the living room, complete with nicely wrapped gifts in red and gold. Then there’s the plum cake and the punch bowl, and, of course, the fascination with Santa and the gift he’s going deliver at midnight. But did you know that Christmas takes on a vastly...

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La Vie Boheme – Boho Inspired Decor Trends

There’s no denying that the boho chic style is having its decor moment. It’s almost impossible to miss the eclectic and layered bohemian-inspired decor splashed across all the major decor magazines. Primarily influenced by 1970’s design, the bohemian decor typically includes natural, rustic elements, rich colors, and layered textiles that give a more casual, collected feel to space and combine eclectic and fun without trying...

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Recreate the Beach-Side Vibe With these Tropical Décor Ideas

Living in big cities is great. Think of all those amenities that we have at our disposal. Electrifying nightclubs, opulent malls, tempting food joints … what’s not to love about our cities? But there’s a flipside as well – you don’t always get your fill of panoramic views and verdant sights. All you see are tall buildings, roads chockablock with traffic and, of course, dust,...

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Poolside Soiree Success Mantra – What to Do & What Not to Do

Come summers, pool parties are the hottest (or should we say ‘the coolest’) way to unwind and beat the merciless mercury into submission. Gently rippling waves, bright-hued beachwear, tall glasses of frozen drinks … sigh, what’s not to love! But as seductive as the idea may be, pulling off a Miami beach vibe poolside soiree is anything but easy. And you need more than blue...

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Say Konnichiwa to Wabi-Sabi – The Design Trend that’s a Hot Favorite This Year

Wabi-Sabi, Wabi-Sabi … 0“What is Wabi-Sabi?” A distant relative to wasabi? A kind of sushi? The name of the latest rock band? Well, it’s none of that. Wabi-Sabi is a Zen trend from Japan that’s taking the design and décor world by storm. Boasting of clean aesthetics and minimalist design, the concept was developed by combining two different words with two very different meanings –...

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Offbeat Bookshelves for the Bibliophile’s Soul

Bibliophiles are forever hoarding books, irrespective of whether they’re going to read them immediately or months later. If you’re one of them, you’re well aware of the problem every reader’s faces, which is the lack of space to store their gorgeous hardcovers and paperbacks in. No matter how many corners you dedicate to creating those cozy reading nooks, they never seem to be enough. Besides,...

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