Boost Your Productivity by Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home Office

Boost Your Productivity by Choosing the Best Colors for Your Home Office

Home offices have emerged as one of the most important aspects of a modern home. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom, or a workaholic who likes to squeeze in a couple of hours of work on the weekend, a home office gives you a quiet space to work.

In designing a home office, a lot of consideration has to be given to its design. In fact, even the colors have to be chosen with care, because research proves that colors, shades, and hues have the potential to affect human behavior significantly. Here, take a look …

Blues Affect Your Mind

If your profession requires peace and quiet and utmost concentration, you should choose shades of blue, like teal, turquoise, viridian or indigo. They help you calm the mind.

Pro tip: Blue shades work best on large surfaces. So if you plan to paint your office blue, make sure your decorations are minimalist. Keep the walls clear of any clutter.

Yellows Manipulate Emotions

People are more likely to feel happy in a yellow room. It has also been proven to stimulate brain activity and energize the nervous system. Shades of yellow, like amber, jasmine, aureolin, jonquil or even beige are best for those professions that have a slight risk factor associated with them, like stocks trading.

 Reds Set Your Heart Racing

 Red is the color of power and authority, and of the wildness of human spirit. At the same time, reds can be quite overwhelming, too. So, if you’re in a position of power and wish to intimidate your clients, choose from crimson, auburn, burgundy, Carmine! If you want to pick lighter shades, “girlish” tints of pink, like ruby, magenta, rose pink, or fuchsia would be more appropriate.

 Greens Provide ‘balance’

We’re biologically hardwired to feel comforted by green. It’s the color of nature. It also is known to be the least hurtful color to the eyes. It calms the optical nerves and increases the amount of fluid in your eyes, offering them, a sort of “massage” if you will.

Green is, therefore, the ideal color for those in the field of medicine, education of finance, since it inspires a feeling of warmth, confidence, and more importantly, trust. Popular hues of green include apple green, avocado, India green, malachite, mint, olive, and pistachio.

We hope our suggestions to choose the right color for the home office have been helpful. Now go find a shade that adds just the right shade of professionalism to your home.

Image Courtesy: Dering Hall, Houzz, Pinterest


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