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Bohemian Inspirations for Urban Spaces

Eclectic and expressive,  bohemian decor is the hot and happening trend of the year. Inspired from the hippie times, it is the heart and soul of a world traveler that defines this style . Living amidst a mishmash of colors, prints, patterns and textures is what every Boho lover dreams of. It’s casual, ultra comfortable and free flowing aura makes anybody visiting you feel at home instantly.

worl trevaller- boho chic

To get a boho-inspired home, all you need to do is draw inspiration from the style, include certain key ideas into your spaces and your ready to give your home a chic update. Read on to find the ‘must-do’s’ to set a classy bohemian mood at your home.

Low seating

low seatings- boho chic

Low seating’s can create a cozy spot for your get togethers. It could either be in your living room where you entertain guests or an open balcony where your most lively conversations with friends and family happen. A low profile sofa or bench with cushioned seats, a pouf for a side table and an ottoman for a coffee table is the secret to an airy and casual nook.

Pattern on pattern

pattern on pattern

What’s the best thing that blends with a pattern? That’s right, another pattern!  Nothing is more boho that putting together patterns, traditional and ethnic ones preferably. Opt for cotton kalamkaris and block printed ikats, shibori tie dyes and suzani patterns on linens and upholsteries to spark a bohemian feel at your place. Also, bright silk-cotton ones with gold work act as accent pieces for an urban space.

Mix of Textures

mix of textures_boho chic

The warm vibe of a bohemian décor comes from the mélange of textures put together. Metal accessories, wooden furniture, glass wares, bright upholstery and lots and lots of house plants. A blend of various textures brings in warmth and depth to your spaces.

Moroccon lampsmoroccon lamps- boho chic

Lining up Moroccon tinted glasses on your dinner table or hanging those adorable lamps near your window can instantly brighten up the space with its colorful look. Get creative and curate gold and bronze home decoratives to set in a classy Boho look.

Beaded Curtains and Accessories

beaded curtains- boho chic

Beads and shells can totally make way for a bohemian inspired décor. From a mud vase embellished with beads to a photo frame with shells over the edges, this beautiful creation can infact be your next DIY project over the weekend! Want to make a grand statement? Hang a beaded curtain at your bedroom door or in the entryway.

These are some of the most popular inspirations that can easily bring in a colorful bohemian feel to your homes. While including them in bits and pieces can spruce up your chic and elegant city homes, you can always opt to go all bold with bohemian by bringing together larger amounts of these elements into your décor! Either ways, its bound to make a statement.

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