Clutter Out, Festivities In: How to Begin Celebrations on a Sparkling Clean Note!

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It’s that time of the year when a stream of relatives and guests will be popping in and out of your house for luncheons, evening teas, and dinners. And as you gear up for these meet-and-greets, you’re faced with a Herculean task – cleaning out that clutter and giving your home a more festive vibe.

Ideally, autumn cleaning should have begun at least three weeks ago, but you got busy with life and now you’re scrambling to make your house presentable for the guests. While we can’t send a cleaning crew to help you out, we do have these quick fixes that will have the house looking presentable for all those who walk in through your door.

Welcome Them in Style

Clutter out ideas

If the entrance to your home makes a good enough impression, you’ve won half the battle already. So, get working on the porch, the door, and the foyer leading up to the living room

Remove all unnecessary items from these areas and replace the doormat

Invest in a good coat rack and shoe tidy to put away bags and shoes

Hang up some fairy lights and decorative streamers on the porch and in the foyer. Even some tasteful artwork would really light up space.

If you’ve got a side table to collect the keys, keep a vase with fresh flowers on it

Some artwork will also light up the place beautifully

Upgrade your outdoor furniture if possible and store your garden implements away in a discreet looking cabinet.

Live it up in the Living Room

The living room sees the most action around the festivals and if it looks shabby, it’s going to dampen the mood in a big way.

Begin by clearing out every piece of clutter – old newspapers, broken showpieces, cracked vases, battered toys, used notebooks – and throw them all out.

Dust your couch and chair and invest in some festive looking cushion covers and throws to give your furniture an instant facelift.

Consider getting in some quality lighting fixtures to jazz up the living room.

Buy an assortment of home décor items – for example, a vase for the table, a sculpture for the mantlepiece, or an ornate mirror for the wall – and use them to add a festive look to the place.

For the finishing touches, hang up some lanterns, burn some essential oils, and in a bowl filled with water, float some candles and flowers. Instant magic!

Other Quick Tips

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your guests, let your collection of tableware do the talking. Pick up select pieces of plates, bowls, cups, and glasses to serve your guests in style.

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom. Remove all unwanted toiletries, clean the tiles, scrub down the faucets, and wipe the mirrors a clean. Arrange the toiletries properly, place a reed diffuser to get rid of the smell, and you’ll have a clean, presentable looking bathroom.

Organize your kitchen too. Get rid of old spices and stale produce. Bring in cane baskets to keep your fruits and vegetables and give the kitchen counter a thorough rub down.

Clean the ceilings. Vacuum the corners, dust the cobwebs, and clear the dirt out. Hang up some streamers to give the place a festive vibe.

Go shopping for some vibrant drapes in festive colors, if you have the time. Otherwise, just treat your existing drapes to a nice deep cleaning session at the dry cleaners.

Now, take a step back and admire the fruit of your hard work. Your home looks clean and ready to entertain. Everything that was an eyesore has been trashed and replaced with something suitable for the festive occasion. All that remains is for you to bring in your favorite sweets and savories, complemented by your favorite drinks. And then, let the celebrations begin!

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