Beat the Festive Binge & Purge Your Body with Healthy Detox Diets

Beat the Festive Binge & Purge Your Body with Healthy Detox Diets

Now that festivities are over, it’s time to think about all those sweets, drinks, and snacks you binged on during these holidays. The sated your taste buds and filled your heart with joy, but they also fill your body with calories. And, with the countdown to the wedding season kicking off, you desperately need to get your body back in saree and lehenga shape, right? We’re here to save your day and we bring with us two effective detox diets that give your body that much needed cleanse. Time for the purge, then?

Day Detox – I


This 1-day detox is the perfect Kickstarter. It’ll jolt your body out of the cycle of Diwali induced unhealthy eating, and really nudge you in the right direction your usual diet regime.

Start your morning by drinking a cup of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice to give yourself a healthy dose of vitamin C.

For breakfast, make yourself a fruit smoothie. Using yogurt as a base, add some fruits, nuts, and seeds such as chia, hemp, or flax seeds. If you’re feeling particularly green, throw some spinach in there too!

Lunch hour is usually followed by feeling ridiculously sleepy at your desk, but not today! Opt for healthy vegetable soup or salad, and go for a gentle walk after that.

End your day with a plate full of lean protein and vibrant fresh veggies. Pan fry a fish or bake yourself some tofu, and don’t forget to top off your plate with veggies of every color.

Save yourself from snack attacks with healthy drinks like green teas and smoothies. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Day Detox – II

healthy detox

Since this is a longer detox, it is made up of suggestions and guidelines rather than a hard and fast diet plan. This makes it sustainable and you can easily incorporate it into your everyday life even after the 7 days are over.

Fresh & seasonal: Load your fridge up with fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. You can use these to make stir-fry, smoothies, and salads. For a quick bite, you can toss a medley of vegetables in the oven with some seasoning, and voila, a delicious snack!

Have a little of everything on your plate: Make your meals to include a little of everything, from proteins and fats to fibers and whole grain carbs. A great way of doing this is by making a rice bowl with sauteed vegetables, fresh greens, chickpeas, or kidney beans. To top it off, add some hummus for that extra protein and taste.

Start your day right: For breakfast, make yourself some oatmeal, eggs, or chia pudding. These foods break down slowly, keeping you fuller for longer. Say goodbye to midday snacking!

Snack, don’t binge: While excess snacking can take you off your fitness plan, snacks are actually great at curbing cravings. Opt for light snacks like carrot and cucumber sticks, fresh fruit and smoothies.

Avoid with a 10-foot pole: You need to eat to fuel your body, but some foods simply aren’t as good for you, especially during your detox diet. Avoid caffeine, whole dairy, processed sugar, alcohol, and excess wheat.

Rules of Thumb for Healthy Eating & Detoxes

healthy detox

Start every day with a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and some honey. In addition to giving you vitamin C, it’ll also lubricate your digestive tract and get your metabolism pumping.

Drink up … your water. We know, sigh, but, it’s important! And fruit infused water is a great way of keeping your intake high and also getting added vitamins.

Replace that third cup of coffee with a cup of green, jasmine, peppermint or chamomile tea. You can even make your own infused teas at home with sliced ginger, lemon juice, cloves, cinnamon, etc.

Now that you’re armed with these detoxes, it’s time for you to leave behind those days of mithai(sweets), huge dinner spreads, and cocktail parties. And say hello to the new you. Aren’t you looking just fabulous?


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