Options to Boring Wedding Gifts: You Can Give to Make Last Impression

Alternatives to Boring Wedding Gifts: Here’s What You Can Give to Make a Lasting Impression

The wedding season is around the corner, and we, as guests, like to put our most glamorous foot forward at these affairs. The attire is put together with great thought, the jewelry selected with care, and the accessories matched with precision. But what about gifts for the lucky couple?

While your presence is definitely sought after, your gifts are what will leave a truly lasting impression. So don’t go the boring ‘Shagun-in-an-envelope’ way. With a little thought (and our unique gifting ideas), you are sure to stand apart in every way.

For the Jet-Setting Couple

Does the couple believe in the pleasures of traveling together? Personalized leather luggage tags are a great gift for these two. These tags can be easily customized, with everything from the color of the leather, its texture, and even the style of writing changed to match the couple’s preferences.

Another lovely gift is a beautifully framed map of the world. Some of these maps can be fairly detailed and can lend a touch of sophistication to their home while giving wings to their wanderlust ambitions. The couple can use the map to mark their past and present journeys and you can bet that they’ll be thinking of you really fondly while doing so.

Timeless Timepieces

His-and-her wrist wear has been a classic gifting option for as long as we can remember. Today, let’s take this tradition and put a spin on it.

Instead of the typical watch sets, why don’t we consider one of the earliest instruments to keep time – the hourglass. Our Ritz Hour Glass collection comes in two sizes and has gold and black sand options. Watching the sand run down their slender glass neck and cascading into the shifting pile below is an enthralling experience. This Decor Item will definitely be appreciated by the couple and they’ll be all praises for your taste too.

If you’d like to stick to convention, pick up a beautifully designed wall clock for the bride and groom. Choose from our Kingston Mirrored Glass Wall Clock and Lincoln Wood and Iron Wall Clock. These are elegant statement pieces and sure to be the topic of many a conversation as the newlyweds settle into their first home together.

Make-It-Together Packages

Spending quality time with each other is something that newly married couples will never tire of. And this is where DIY kits come into play. Opening a kit together and figuring out the instructions is a beautiful way to connect with each other. There are some really beautiful projects out there for couples to work on. Based on your knowledge of the couple’s interests, you can choose from a variety of projects that can range from assembling a piece of patio furniture or building a shed to installing a beautiful chandelier. Recipe books with ingredient packages also make for a great gift for the new couple.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

A smartly wrapped gift looks great at wedding events, but let’s be honest, the novelty of a gift wears off quickly as the couple settles down into a routine. What if your gift begins its magic after the dust has settled?

Sign the newlyweds up for a weekly subscription of fresh flowers. Imagine an exotic bouquet delivered to the couple every week. It will remind them of their nuptials and ensure that their smiles don’t fade for a long, long time.

Spa membership is also a great gift for a couple, a just reward for pulling off the big, fat, Indian wedding. Trust us, they will send up heartfelt thanks to you as they’re both getting pampered by aromatic oils and gentle massages in an upscale spa center in the city. Sheer bliss!

Your gift should be a reflection of love and thoughtfulness and there’s nothing like a thoughtfully selected gift to keep you in the hearts and the good wishes of the couple. So, enjoy this wedding season and Happy Shopping!

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