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Alia Bhatt’s Abode is Perfect for This Young, Vibrant Diva

Alia Bhatt is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of Bollywood. Her colorful, vibrant self is echoed in every role she takes on. So, when this young diva moved into her new house, it was only natural that she wanted it to be a reflection as well as an extension of her personality.

It was back while Alia was shooting for Vikas Bahl’s “Shaandaar” when she met the director’s wife, Richa Bahl, who is an architect, and the actress immediately asked her to design her new house. She was very clear about her preferences, likes, and dislikes. “I told Richa I didn’t want it to be too modern. I wanted it to feel a little old, with a New York loft kind of feel. And I didn’t want anything overtly glamorous, like chandeliers, or marble floors.” she said.

  1. A tea bar:

    Alia and her sister, Shaheen, are both obsessed with drinking tea and collecting different kinds of tea. If you are a ‘chaivinist’, you too need a tea bar with bar stools. 

  2. A reading nook: 

    Are you a bibliophile who likes to spend her time immersed in a novel? Then you definitely need a reading nook comprising of a spacious bookshelf and a comfortable couch. The bookshelf in Alia’s reading corner has titles from history as well as fantasy, along with the Filmfare award she won for her movie Highway.

  3. A dressing room:

    If you’re a fashionista who takes her dressing-up time seriously, Alia’s dressing room design is perfect for you. Built as a separate section of its own, you can style this with the equipment and accessories you need to get ready before heading out for brunch or a fancy night out.

  4. A quirky dining area:

    Those wishing to host dinner parties for their family and friends will feel inspired by Alia’s dining area that has the vibes of a hillside café, complemented by Swiss-style hanging lights and Roman windows.

  5. A Moroccan-Style Bathroom:

    Yes, your bathroom, too, can be innovative, especially if you opt for Moroccan-patterned flooring against a white layout. 

    From the vintage blue entrance and the corner dedicated to shoes to the use of bold colours against white backgrounds, every little detail about Alia Bhatt’s cosy residence is like a breath of fresh air. If you wish to embellish your home with quirky décor and subtle tones, hers is the one to take inspiration from.

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