Add Glamor to Your Home Bar with Luxury Glassware

Add Glamor to Your Home Bar with Luxury Glassware!

Now that finally, winter is here, I’m sure most of you would be planning to grab a drink or two with your friends in a cozy bar, but the freezing temperature might not be letting you step out. So, why not create a home bar and add an elegant touch to your house.  A stylishly decorated bar at home says volume about your personality and also transfixes your guests.


There is no great way than serving cocktails and drinks than in dainty little glasses. Add the element of grace and glamour in your home bar by including beautifully and meticulously crafted glassware.  Be it the design of the yesteryears or the chic ones of the contemporary era, glass wares always sets up a glitzy tone in your bar. Glassware also symbolizes opulence and adds grandiosity to your dream abode. If you intend to set up a bar at your home, shop online glassware luxury sets. And, to help you with that here are the top 10 types of glasses you should purchase.

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Serve in Old School style with Tumblers

Also known as old fashioned or Rocks, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These glasses have a pattern of the yesteryears which adds a classy touch to them. Serve your guests tonics, cocktails or even gin in them and let them exude an old world charm in the whole ambiance. These heavy-bottomed glasses look quite sophisticated in the cabinets for their baroque style of design. This type of luxury glassware set is available online in any home décor or lifestyle store.

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Raise a Toast with Flute

Whether it is a brunch with your friends or a New Year Eve’s party at home, Champagne is a perfect drink for celebrations. So, why not serve them with style in a Flute? Apart from serving Champagnes in the elegantly designed Flute, sparkling wines are also served in them to add charm to the event. That’s why these glasses need to be there on your bar counter, and you can easily go for luxury glassware online shopping in order to add them to your collection.

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Coupe it Up

Are you a lover of the old school style? Then serve your guests cocktails in a coupe to give them a taste of style. The most interesting thing about this type of glass is that it is quite versatile as many see them as an alternative for flutes. This luxury glassware set is available online in varied designs and colors as well.

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Cocktail Them

Cocktail glasses are the luxury glassware set available online that you shouldn’t forget to add in your home bar. A perfect partner for Cosmos, Martinis, Margaritas, and Brandy adds ecstasy to the drink, these iconic cone shape of the glass add sophistication and gloriole to the bar cabinet in your house.

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Call it Collins or Highball

Highball or Collins is high glassware known for serving vodka or refreshing cocktails for its stylish and chic look. It not only makes the display of the drinks pleasing but also adds oodles of grace to the home bar homes. If you are planning to buy glassware online in India then Address Home is the right stop for it.

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Mugs for Beer

BEVERAGE-DRINKS-PHOTOGRAPHY-ZACK-BURRIS-CHICAGO-BEER-MUGS-TOASTING-1Though you may temporarily bid adieu to beer during winters, we all know that your home bar is incomplete without beer mugs. Beer Mugs are heavy and thick glasses with handles, ideal for relishing chilled beer with friends and colleagues. They add an edgy and modish look to the bars. You can easily buy this glassware online in India at Address Home as they are found in varied patterns and styles.

Shout it loud with Shots


A shot of tequila and lemon juice in your party and that sets the perfect mood. The shot glasses though small in size look quite chic and ooze glamour. To add a hint of style to your bar cabinet by adding a set of stylish looking shot glasses. The shot glasses are now quite in fashion for home bars, so you can easily get this luxury glassware set in online stores.


Add Glamor to Your Home Bar with Luxury Glassware

If luxury glassware online shopping is on your mind, then why not check out the wide collection at Address Home.  Crafted to perfection, their glassware will lend an elegant touch to your home. Be it for cocktails, wine, champagne or beer, this lifestyle, and home décor store has it all for you. Buy glassware online from India’s most talked about the store and glamorize your home bar now.

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