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Add A Breath of Life to Your Home with Beautiful Greens

A home isn’t really a home unless it has some beautiful plants in it. Little bursts of green that add meaning to the word ‘living’ space, it has been proven that the simple act of looking at plants promotes calmness and brings peace of mind.

From a decorating point of view, plants can be introduced into virtually any style of interiors – from classic to modern to eclectic to vintage. And, if it wasn’t enough that they look beautiful, plants also act as a purifying agent, ridding your home of chemical pollutants – a fact that is borne out by studies conducted by NASA.

Keen to tap into the goodness of earth’s green angels? Here are some interesting ways in which you can introduce plants into your home.

1.    Choose a Nice Container to Put your Plants In

Why stick to those boring pots when there are so many other options to choose from? If you are fond of clay/terracotta, choose pots that are carved into interesting shapes. They are quite easily available in the market. Then, you could choose glass containers, bamboo planters, ceramic bowls, wire baskets, etc. to house your favorite plants.


2.    Scatter Them Around the House

There is no reason to have plants in the balcony or garden alone. They can be scattered throughout the house. You could group a few together in the living room for that lovely forest like feel indoors and for added texture put them in different, preferably colorful, containers. Yet another thing you can do is mix single plants with other decorative items to make a striking display, which can be placed on the dining table, living room, coffee table, or foyer.


3.    Spice It Up

Why should your kitchen be deprived of some greenery? And here’s one place where you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only do you bring a touch of beauty to your kitchen, but you can also add functionality to it as well by planting your favorite herbs. Line up thyme, basil, chives on your kitchen’s window sill or any other place that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight and you have a 2-in-1 garden that gladdens your eyes and flavors your food.

4.    Invest in a Terrarium

A terrarium is a perfect way to make a room look interesting. Available in a variety of textures, heights, and sizes, this mini garden is hardy and easy to look after. Terrariums encompass a tiny ecosystem in a glass container and are able to thrive in virtually any kind of environment.


There’s no denying that plants are valuable additions to any home. True you have to look after them and establish a routine of watering them and turning the soil so they grow strong and healthy but once you get the hang of it, you will become quite attached to the pastime.


Image Courtesy: Houzz, West Elm, Decoist

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