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A Look inside The Jolie-Pitt Residence

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are global icons of Hollywood. Everything they do becomes news. From making blockbuster movies to picking up Oscar nominations from time to time, they have truly become Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple. For such Hollywood royalty, the house they live in needs to be in a class of its own. From their Château Miraval estate in Correns, France to their beautiful house in Berlin, the couple has purchased royal and elegant houses everywhere.


The Jolie-Pitt residence in Berlin, Germany is an example of extremely well-done interiors and high-end home furnishing. This sprawling house, located in the German capital, showcases a perfect blend of modern contemporary furnishing and old-school styling.


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However, it is their French home that perfectly suits the profile of this global couple. Located in Correns village, it’s a 1000-acre estate/vineyard located in the heart of the province. Comprising of more than 30 rooms, this French manor was build in 1841 and is surrounded by fountains, olive groves, lush gardens, and a moat. The couple has been using the vineyard to good use, producing vines that have been acclaimed internationally.

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The indoor features of this home include an indoor pool, a hot tub, and a spa. The estate has about 20 sets of terraces in the grounds, each one is almost half a mile long, and with architecture dating back to the Roman times. The main house also features classic blue shutters and a rustic stonewashed façade.

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By making some adjustments to your interiors, you too can renovate your house and make it look like the one in which Pitt and Jolie reside. Adding some modern and contemporary furniture with a blend of strong colors like red and black will make your house resemble the interiors of the Berlin estate.


Image Courtesy: flynetpictures, sheknows, wikipedia, miraval-provence

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