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8 Gifts Your Friends Would Simply Love

As the Holiday Season breaks in, so does tons of Events, Birthdays and Wedding Parties. Unfortunately, we tend to fall back on cliches whenever we have to choose gifts for friends and relatives. Let’s break that pattern, shall we, and think of some innovative gifts your loved ones would only be too delighted to receive!

Plume Ceramic Vase

gifts for friends

For your artistic friends or those who are poetically inclined, this decor piece will be the perfect gift.

Erable Gold Metal Leaf Decor Platter

gifts for friends

The gingko leaf signifies strength, hope, and peace for many. It’s a well-suited gift to those who are industrious and have worked hard to be where they are. And people who simply love plants and floral motifs.

Tusk Large White Carved Stone Decor Horn

gifts for friends

Carved out of a single tusk of an elephant, this gift is a symbol of perfection and draws attention for its regal stature. An ideal gift for those whom you consider being your mentors, or perhaps a wise father-figure.

Constellation Gold Stainless Steel & Acrylic Decor

Constellation Gold Stainless Steel & Acrylic Decor

Like the sun it depicts, this piece is a metaphor for the boundless talent and multifaceted nature of its receiver. This should go to someone you believe has a lot of potential and dons many-a-hats.

Ifrane Black & White Ceramic Decor Jar

We all have that one friend who has an aura of mystery around him. He usually has a secretive smile, like he knows something you don’t. He is aloof but in a mystic sense of the word. Just like this jar.

Taurus Gold Resin Bull Sculpture

A symbol of vigor and strength for centuries, the Bull is the perfect gift for those who stand rock solid in your life, those who’ve served as anchors for you when your ship hit the stormy seas. They deserve your thanks more than anyone else.

Antelope Silver Metal Bookends

The silver antelope is for the showman. It’s for he who always puts up a show, who like attention and thrives under the spotlight. That fun friend who does edgy impressions and always makes you laugh.

Uovo Large Gold Resin Egg Décor Piece

The golden egg is a symbol of piety and prosperity. It’s for those who bring you luck. Like your better half, perhaps, or maybe a lucky sibling. The smooth curves of the piece are unassuming yet gainly, making it a wholesome gift for someone really, really special.

Happy hunting for gifts. And in all the effort you’re putting in for others, don’t ignore yourself. Pick yourself something nice, too, and celebrate a lovely End of  Year.

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