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Quick & Easy Tips to make a Chic & Elegant Living Room

A living room is an extension of your personality, a reflection of who you are and what you like or dislike. The chic and elegant look isn’t for everyone, but putting one together can be done by almost anyone, as long as you remember these basic principles.

1. Choose a Color Theme

Pick out 2-3 main colors that will form the central theme of your living room which should be accompanied by a couple of complementary colors. Let’s say your main colors are green, brown, and cream. Complimenting them would be lighter / darker shades of these colors, which would include hues like ivory, beige, champagne, and pastel green.

2. Pick out the Main Furnishings & Enhancements

Once you have the color scheme in place, go ahead and choose the main items of the room – the sofa, shelves, carpet, drapes, etc. This would also be the best time to select the enhancements that will go into the living room, such as photo frames, plants, showpieces, and other decorative items.

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3. Create a Focal Point

A focal point is a central feature that draws eyes the moment someone walks into the living room. It could be a beautiful painting, a luxury vase, an elaborate mirror, a unique couch, or a wall displaying pictures. Avoid having more than one attention-grabbing feature in the room or it will lose its unified look and becomes too busy.

4. Other Quick Tips

Clean out the clutter. Anything that isn’t pleasing to the eye or doesn’t serve a purpose goes. Avoid having too many décor items or trinkets in the living room.

Keep things clean. Make it a point to dust your living room regularly.

Group things together. It makes them easy to access while giving the room a simple and unified look.

Do not have posters of celebrities in the living room, unless they have been elegantly framed. On the same note, avoid using funny items, novelty items or objects that have advertising all over it. They won’t gel well with the chic theme you are aiming to put together.

There you have it – all that you wanted to know about putting together a chic and elegant living room compiled into a few handy tips. It wasn’t all that difficult now, was it? We’d love to hear some chic designing tips from you too. Share your experience with us in the comment box.

Image Courtesy: Litchen Craig, Boston Photographer Mary Prince


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