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6 Tricks to Make an Open Concept House Feel Cozy

Open layouts are modern must-haves, and it’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons. It maximizes space and the OpenFlow kitchen and living area make entertaining a breeze. Besides, nothing can beat that refreshing feeling of airy open spaces devoid of fat, chunky walls.

For a few, separate rooms still hold their charm, but homeowners today are taking a sledgehammer to their traditional floor plans so they can enjoy cooking, eating, and movie watching all in one space. That said, open concept homes do lack the coziness of closed areas. Unless you design them well, they tend to feel cold and sparse. Here’s how you can transform your open home into a comfy cozy space with just a few quick changes.


Rugs can bring a room together, and in open concept spaces, they can define separate areas while making them feel cozier. Also, you can fix the size of each area with the size of the rug. So, if you want your dining room to appear more intimate, use a smaller rug. Similarly, if you want your living room to look big, use a larger rug.




The perfect lighting can flatter the room and add a warm glow to any open concept setting. Try adding layered lighting instead of the traditional tube lights and bulbs. Bring in floor and table lamps for softer options and pick overhead light fixtures for rooms that require bright lighting. You could even string fairy lights across the windows to up the magic quotient several notches


Warm shades, when paired with earthy neutrals, can make a place look really warm. Yellow, for instance, is a beautiful choice to take the chill off a room, but only if you choose shades like soft butter or muted gold. Warm amber should also do the trick. Other colors you can consider are rich reds, deep oranges, and deeper shades of grey.


Mix and match to see what suits the space but don’t limit the color to just the paint on the walls. Soothing colors can be incorporated into window panes, cushion covers, bedspreads, throws, and rug choices as well.


Empty walls do nothing to cozy up an area. They make it look quite bleak, in fact. Yes, open floor plans offer fewer walls, but a well-thought-out grouping of your favorite paintings can define areas along with adding character and warmth. Now, if you have acquired more art than you have walls, rotating your favorites throughout the year might do the trick. You can also consider other forms of wall art, such as sculpture, mask, decals, elaborate votives, and figurines to dress up space


Ever thought of using wainscoting (wooden paneling) in your interior design to create texture, focus, charm, and warmth?  Not only is it beautiful, but wainscoting is an elegant way to add character. Moreover, paneled wood isn’t just beautiful; it can also disguise uneven walls and even help increase insulation!

Personal Touch

Lastly, incorporate your personal touch into space. It’s a thoughtful way of transforming your open layout into warm, cozy spaces. For instance, are you an avid reader? Nothing says cozy like a stack of books placed atop the center table. Love to paint? Create a small area for your passion in progress by leaving them on the easel (a definite conversation starter!). Love to crochet? Make some beautiful throws for the sofa and display them with pride in the living room. The more personal touches you bring to a room, the more intimate it’s going to feel.


Image Courtesy: Dering Hall, Pinterest

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