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6 Trending Décor Ideas For Autumn & Winter 2018-19

Winter is just around the corner, and so is an entire line up of delightful festivals. This is the perfect time to spruce up your home and prepare it for all the wining, dining, and festivities you’re planning in the coming months.

While you’re at it, here are some awesome home décor trends for 2018-19 that you can consider incorporating in your re-designing project. It’s bound to put a whole new spin on things, for sure.

Relaxing Retreats

There’s a growing desire among people to move away from the constant presence of technology in their lives. And for this reason, they’re creating a cozy sanctuary in their homes. These intimate spaces offer all the comfort possible but are strictly sans any gadget.

Making a relaxing retreat doesn’t have to involve a major overhaul of the space. Sometimes, it can be as simple as creating a canopy out of your bed or hanging lace curtains from faux wooden beams. You could also pull up a really comfortable chair in the corner, place an ottoman in front of it, and turn it into a reading nook.


Statement Lighting

Idiosyncratic lights are fast catching on and they work best in common areas, especially the dining room. Not only do they light up space, both literally and figuratively, they also act like a piece of artwork that adds an element of interest to the room.


Showstopping Tiles

Tiles? Really? Tiles are the latest fad these days? They sure are! From mosaic floors to geometric patterns on the walls, tiles – in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – are being used to make stunning creations. Go ahead and explore your options, the results promise to be really unique.


Embrace the Principles of Lagom

Lagom – a design principle drawn from Scandinavian culture – embraces minimalism. It focuses on the concept of ‘less is more’ and urges homeowners to be resourceful and sustainable. Designers are opting for a calm decorating scheme, paring down accessories to small indoor plants and a few objects that hold sentimental value.


Precious Stones

Marble and malachite may have ruled the roost last year, but in 2018, precious stones like rose quartz and agate have stepped into the limelight. From creative bookends and figurines to candelabras and vases, these precious stones can bring a glow into almost any room.

That said, don’t go ripping your countertops out. Marble isn’t dead just yet. While designers are unlikely to use it everywhere, they’re not against playing with its green and pink variants in home decor.


Woven Dreams

Woven textiles add great depth and warmth to a room, which is quite welcome during the months of winter. Play around with other woven textures at home. Swap your plastic or ceramic planters for wicker stands, update your light fixtures with a basket pendant light or hang up baskets on a wall to create a focal point. If you feel the texture is too rough, you can offset it with plush velvet, smooth metal side tables, hand-knit wool throws, or ceramic accents.

If you’re thinking of redesigning your home, you’d better get started right away. There’s plenty of interesting ideas for you to choose from. And each is guaranteed to add a flair to your home!

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