6 Tips to Take Your Wedding Tablescape from Wow to Va-Va-Voom

6 Tips to Take Your Wedding Tablescape from Wow to Va-Va-Voom!

Planning for a wedding is a whole lot of fun. With easy access to global ideas and the means to execute stunningly beautiful designs, modern brides are moving away from run of the mill options. Instead, they’re using their imagination to create a wedding ambiance that reflects their personal style and gives shape to their fantasies.

The tablescape is an important aspect of any wedding. Much of the socializing (and a lot of eating and drinking) happens here. If you’re looking to make a great impression on your guests, this is your playing ground. And we’ve got some tips that will help you put together a stunning tablescape for your wedding.

1. Pick a Style

The very first thing you have to do is pick a style. Scrolling through endless Pinterest boards and Instagram pages are bound to overwhelm you and make you want this, that, and everything else. That is a recipe for disaster and décor mess.

The more sensible thing to do is to decide what style you’d like. It obviously has to be something that goes with your overall theme, but you don’t have to follow it to the t. In fact, you could even have something that’s in sharp contrast to the overall décor so that it draws the guests’ eyes to the arrangement. For instance, an ornate Victorian table set against an otherwise minimalistic décor can look really appealing. Alternatively, an all-white, classy table setting can complement your rustic wedding décor really well too.

2. Go with Seasonal Flowers


Weddings and flowers go hand in hand, much like the bride and groom. But when picking flowers, stick to seasonal options since they look the freshest and brightest. Also, they’re fairly cost effective and you don’t end up spending a bomb for exotic blooms that starting wilting halfway through the evening.

When using flowers, go beyond the typical applications, like propping them up in vases. Think out of the box. For instance, a floral runner going across the length of the table with a trail of fairy lights entwined in it can look quite striking. And it makes for an interesting conversation starter as well.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Add Texture

Textures add a sense of opulence to a setting, so don’t shy away from experimenting. Use fruits, berries, and foliage as unexpected twists to bring richness to the palette you’re using. A traditional table with delicate china and tableware can come to life if you used a crochet table runner. Even the simplest things like switching plain white plates for something with a shinier surface or swapping regular tablemats with lace, coir, or bamboo ones can elevate the appeal of your tablescape.

4. Mix Don’t Match

When designing a tablescape, most people have this tendency of picking up matching elements. So, white linen is matched with silver plates or the overall palette is kept neutral or they go with different tones of the same central color.

The end result looks quite uniform, but also fairly boring. Spice things up by mixing elements borrowed from different designs. Pair the old with the new, for instance, or combine masculine and feminine elements. Think bold contrasts – bright blue cutlery in an otherwise monochrome setting or bold reds against a grey color palette can create a unique look.

5. Consider the Height

A very important thing most people overlook is the height of the floral arrangements on the table. What eventually happens is that people sitting across from each other cannot see each other’s faces, and that’s a huge bummer for conversations and casual chit-chat.

It’s generally recommended that the flowers stand no higher than 12” if you’d like your guests to have a clear view of each other. The other alternative, of course, is to create a low floral tablescape, which is fast becoming extremely popular.

6. Don’t Forget the Candles

Sometimes, old really is gold and candlelight are not about to disappear from the world of wedding décor any time soon. Besides, very few things come close to the appeal of the soft golden glow or the dancing flame of a candle. They are perfect for the romantic occasion at hand.


Instead of arranging candles in a straight line, create layers by placing them at different levels – some on the table, some in votives on the wall and maybe a few floating candles as a centerpiece. Now, doesn’t that look absolutely beautiful!

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