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5 Ways to Make Your Room More Functional

Whenever we think of Home Decor, the emphasis seems to be on aesthetics, beauty, and curb appeal. What a lot of people lose out on is functionality. But we are strong believers in the philosophy that design should be functional, especially one that concerns itself with the space we’re inhabiting day in and day out. Beautiful rooms are all very well, but they will fast lose their charm if they don’t cater to the basic requirements of you and your family.

On that note, here are five ways in which you can make your living space more functional

1. Maximize the Vertical Space

There’s only so much floor space that we have in our homes, and it usually gets shared with other items of furniture. So, think vertical. Walls aren’t just meant to house paintings and decor items. Add tall bookshelves, vintage cabinets, and fancy hooks to put away all those odds and ends and stray items of clothing lying around the house. You can also install overhead ceiling racks to stock luggage, recreational equipment, and seasonal decorative items for a tidy and spacious looking room. 

2. Keep the Traffic Clear

Identify traffic patterns in a room and lay the furniture out according to that. Establish direct pathways to commonly used areas of the house. Also, make sure you have enough space to maneuver around each piece of furniture. This way, you will avoid bumping into items of furniture and hurting yourself. Besides, not having defined traffic patterns in a room can make it look cramped and unappealing. That fancy living room set will look a lot less appealing if you don’t have enough space to walk around comfortably.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Us human being tend to hold on to things longer than we should and no place is this truer than our homes. Sentimental reasons or the possibility of finding alternate uses for all our old belongings makes us cling on to our possessions, while the clutter in our homes increases by leaps and bounds. Sell, donate, gift, or give away anything you don’t need. Put away things in their right place and get everybody in your family to do the same.  

4. Add storage

Nobody ever said that they had too much storage and in a house that has a thriving household, you’ll constantly find yourself running short of places to keep your things in. Walk room by room and note down the storage requirement and look beyond the obvious. In your kid’s room, for instance, it’s not enough to have a bed, table, chairs, and cupboard for them. You will need a place to keep the toys, shelves for their books,  and a corner for their art supplies. Similarly, in a kitchen, you could organize things better if you looked at smaller elements like managing the lids of all the containers and finding a convenient storage for all those plastic bags.

5. Ave dual-duty Furniture

Versatility is a valued trait for furniture. Besides, who minds a two-for-one offer, right? Coffee tables with a space to keep books and magazines, sofas that turn into beds when guests come over, beds with storage space within them, chairs that turn into ladders … there are delightful items of furniture that go above and beyond the call of duty and transform into something else whenever the need arises. No house can have enough of these treasures and you should choose these items wisely.

Is your room looking functional yet? We bet it is. But don’t let this be a one-time effort. Rooms are meant to grow with the people who live in it, and you should make it a point to reevaluate their layout and design every couple of years and make changes. Because your home should always be able to keep pace with and fulfill, all your requirements.  


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