5 Stylish Women Who Redesigned Fashion

5 Stylish Women Who Redesigned Fashion

Women are meant to be stylish and most of us aim to look our best at all times. Yet there are those who are more stylish than the others and set the standards for others to follow.

Here are 5 incredibly strong and beautiful women who inspired the fairer sex around the world to experiment with fashion and make a statement wherever they went!

Barbara ‘Babe’ Paley


Paley was the original fashion queen outside of Hollywood. She tied her scarf around her handbag and started a fashion trend that has lasted over seven decades! Talk about evergreen fashion!

Babe Paley was bold and carefree. She happily mixed the high and low fashion choices to create statements that were as unique and powerful in personality as herself. That was also the reason why she achieved such fame because she epitomized what fashion is — finding a voice.

Audrey Hepburn


Hepburn epitomizes the free spirit of womanhood. Her taste was simple, minimalistic. She liked black clothes (looked earth-shatteringly stunning in them!) and didn’t mind cropping her hair short. But that’s not to say that she compromised on quality in any way. Even her loafers were designed by Ferragamo. And, regardless of what she wore, Audrey Hepburn managed to look like an untouched fairie from some distant lands.

Nan Kempner


Kempner was a non-conformist to the very core. She continuously challenged the norms of womanhood. She was someone who’d do exactly what you told her not to do. Once at New York’s La Cote Basque, Kempner was barred from entering because she was wearing a pant-suit — a forbidden dress code for women at that time. What did Kempner do? She coolly took off her pants and entered the cafe with only her shirt on. Let’s just say it’s a bold move even for today’s New York, let alone of the 60s!

 Princess Diana


 Princess Diana of Wales was a global icon in every sense of the word. Throughout the 80s, women from across the world watched her closely and followed her every fashion move. Her off shoulder dresses often accessorized with pearls, kept the tabloids busy for nearly a decade. No single woman has contributed more to putting British fashion on the world map. Catherine Walker, Bellville Sassoon, and Gina Fratini, all own their successes to a large part to her.

Kate Middleton


Ah, the Duchess of Cambridge! Don’t we just adore her? And most of the world shares that sentiment with us. Whatever she does make a headline, whatever she wears, becomes a fashion statement. She’s a modern day diva and the culmination of the aspirations of every woman alive — to be a princess (literally), to marry a prince (again, literally), and be drop-dead gorgeous!

So enormous is her fan following that just by wearing the dress from a relatively modest designer for one day, she catapulted Anita Dongre to global fame and successfully crashed her website!

Image Courtesy: Vogue, Pinterest,Huffington



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