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Simple Tips to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee is one of the most necessary elements to survive, right? Almost all coffee fanatics love to relish their cuppa, which is why having a coffee table in your house is absolutely essential.

If you’re planning to buy a new coffee table or trying to amp up your existing one, chances are that you’ve been browsing through all those gorgeous pictures on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. At the same time, you’ve been overwhelmed with so many contrasting opinions that it’s hard to make a clear judgment.

It’s not always imperative to spend a lot to decorate your coffee table. Since coffee tables are mostly located in living rooms, the first thing you should keep in mind is that it should work with the feel and energy of the room. Also, whatever you put on the coffee table should look good from all sides of the room.

Here are some more simple tips to perfectly style your coffee table:

1.  Balance

This is one of the most important elements for styling a coffee table. A proper balance can be achieved if you keep an object in the center of the table, with objects of equal visual weight displayed on either side of it. Even if the objects are not identical, they should balance and complement each other in terms of size and tone. Don’t display objects that are too tall, because they might disrupt the view of the people sitting on opposite sides of the table.

2. Composition

Getting the composition right is the tricky part. You can choose to combine and display an eclectic array of items, but they should connect in one way or the other, be it by color, theme, style, or shape. Even if the items don’t belong to the same category, they should look good together as a unit.

3.  Use a Tray

If you’re having trouble deciding the composition, then using a try is the easiest solution. Narrow down the things you want to display and put them all in a tray. If a certain item doesn’t fit or looks out of place, then you will know what to get rid of.

4. Plants and Flowers

Using greens and flowers to decorate is the safest option. Not only do they give an organic feel to the ambiance, but they also serve as conversation starters. You can also use a candle to lend a good fragrance to the environment.

5. Stack Your Books

Using personal items is a great way to customized the décor of your coffee table; and what better than a stack of books to convey your personal style? Stacked spines create great dimensions on flat tables. You can either stick with the same color or mix it up with a color combination that goes with the rest of the table.

Whether you use personal items or statement pieces, make sure the combination of all the shapes and textures gives out a vibe of class and elegance. Remember to take a 360-degree approach, and you’ll be just fine

Img. Courtesy: Dering Hall, Pinterest

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