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Home décor is often seen as an extension of your personality. Everything ranging from the type of flooring you chose, the color palette you pick, and your art collection reveal something about you. But, even though decorating your home is an intensely personal exercise, there are a few Essential Decor Items every home should have. Here’s our list to get you started.

1. A Splurge

Well, this first piece of advice is the one you’ve wanted to hear for a long time  – don’t hold back. That’s right, we’re advising you to spring for that splurge-worthy item you’ve been trying to justify to yourself. Home décor isn’t the place to cut corners. The practice of amassing ‘affordable finds’ to fill blank walls does nothing to elevate living spaces. Instead, include quality pieces that lend a sophisticated feel to your home.

2. Something Wooden

Contemporary homes are sleek and sophisticated. But cozy? Not always! Inject an element of warmth into your home with some luxurious wooden home décor items. Accent pieces like a side table made from chestnut wood or bookshelves made from birch wood can cozy up to the place without compromising on the contemporary lines of the place.

3. Black & White Art

Artwork always lends an extra edge to any living space Be it a modern painted canvas or a timeless piece of photography, adding a monochrome element to art not only extends the color palette to both extremes but adds an air of maturity to the living space as well.

4. Bold & Beautiful

A bright orange ceiling may not be for everyone, but every space should have at least one element that catches your attention. Be it a bright colored wall, quirky vintage finds, striking wallpaper, mismatched piece of furniture, or a quirky item of sculpture, don’t shirk from giving your room a bold interest factor. You know what they say, right? No risk, no reward. And the double take that people will do when they step into your home is a rich reward in itself.

5. An Element Of Sparkle

One of the reasons why great lightning made to our list is that it adds an element of sparkle and whimsy to your space. Other reason? It makes making everything (and everyone) look better. Rustic, industrial, or unapologetically rococo, the right lighting can add a touch of glamour to any interior and makes a rich statement. So, ditch the standard tube light and go in for a statement piece of ‘lighting art’.

Alright, you home decor newbies – time to go shopping. We’ve given you a handy list, but the rest is up to you. Don’t get unnecessarily swayed by trends and fads – just go with pieces that speak to you and call out to you. And that’s how you’ll be able to reconcile broad decor guidelines with personal taste. All the best.

Img. Courtesy: DeringHall, Pinterest

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