Things Every Bathroom Needs

5 Things Every Bathroom Needs

Even though we don’t spend a considerable amount of time in our bathroom, it is the only place in the entire house where we go for some peace and privacy. So when we don’t think twice before splurging on our bedroom décor, why is it that we tend to ignore our exclusive space? After all, it is a part of our home and demands attention indeed!

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Here’s a list of 5 most important things that every bathroom needs:

1. Bath set

This normally includes a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, and tray. A bath set is a stylish way of keeping all your necessities in a neat and organized manner. Since it is placed on the washbasin, there are chances that it may get wet frequently. Make sure you keep the bath set dry to maintain its sheen. Look for some ultra luxe Bath Sets here.

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2. Mirror:

A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. Place a gorgeous mirror right above the washbasin and see how the look of your bathroom gets transformed. A mirror not only expands the size of the room but also makes it brighter.

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3. Towels:

Fresh towels provide a fresh look to the bathroom. Keep changing the hand towel after every 2-3 days. Always keep extra hand and bath towels on the rack or in the cabinet in your bathroom for emergencies.

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 4. Tissue Holder:

It is important to have a tissue holder in the bathroom. Not every guest using the bathroom will be comfortable wiping his or hands with a hand towel. Even if you don’t use tissues yourself, there’s no harm in keeping a loaded holder.

5. Planters:

There’s no doubt that plants breathe a new life into the room. Put a small planter on the windowsill or use planters to hang them on the wall. This will lend color and greenery to the bathroom. Add some stunning Vases & Planters to your bathroom. Pair them up with Beautiful Faux Flowers.

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Go on. Use these 5 simple steps to add elegance and sophistication to your personal space with élan!

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  1. I really love your luxury bathroom decor ideas. I like most your mirror idea for bathroom decor, its looks stunning.

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