5 Brilliant Ideas to Fill Up Empty Nooks & Crannies at Home

5 Brilliant Ideas to Fill Up Empty Nooks & Crannies at Home

Ah, those nooks and crannies! Those dratted, awkward corners that are so infuriating to a homeowner. They are an eyesore – an attack on our design sensibilities, not to mention a waste of perfectly good space. You hate to leave it empty, but it seems quite impossible to anything with it.

But is it really?

Don’t give up on those tight spots yet. A little bit of ingenuity is all you need, and you’ll be able to transform the trickiest corner into a beautiful space. Listen up and learn from the best, dearies, cos we have a whole lot of ideas to share with you.

A Colorful Picture Gallery

Pictures speak a thousand words and when you use them to dress up that corner wall, they will talk volumes to you. We know, we know, this is hardly genius advice, but the trick is picking out colorful frames and choosing the right imagery (photos, paintings, drawings, posters, etc.) to create a look that will have everyone standing in riveted attention and admiring a masterpiece.

Plants Make Everything Better

Sounds like such a cliche, but it’s true, isn’t it? These green, leafy angels have a way of making everything look spectacular. Hang them up, place them on shelves, put them on the floor … and in a matter of minutes, space comes to life. Use that to your advantage. Bring in some hardy indoor plants to bling up that dull corner in your home. It’s going to be a cheerful sight indeed – one that will make your heart merry and your boring corner beautiful.



Let There Be Light

Light, by its very nature, is transformative. Night becomes day, invisible becomes visible, the concealed becomes apparent, and the drab becomes ethereal. If you’re not sure what to do with that awkward space in your home, hang up some lanterns or fairy lights to create a sense of drama. You could also explore our collection of votives, Candelabras, and Hurricanes for more options.

An Artistic Touch for the Soul

Art is fascinating, art is liberating, art is mesmerizing, art is confusing, but above all, art is intensely personal. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive painting to put up on the wall. There are so many expressions of art that you’re sure to find something that calls to your heart. From wrought iron sculptures to tribal masks, there are plenty of options out there. We at Address Home have an extensive collection of Wall Decor Items that you might want to take a look at while you’re making a selection.

Go Functional, Go Utilitarian

If you’re the kind of person who loves to blend form and functionality, we’ve got some practical tips for you too. What to do with that difficult corner? Place a high backed chair (two, if you have space) and a coffee table there and you have yourself a nice little reading nook. And that awkward space in the living room? Bring in one of those pyramid-inspired ladder shelves or a whimsical wall shelf and not only do you create visual interest, but you also have a place to keep away knick-knacks of the house. And that gawky little cove between two rooms? Turn it into a central pinboard for the family where you can leave messages and reminders for each other. ‘Isn’t that nifty!

There hasn’t been a corner that we can’t fix or a cranny that we can’t beautify. Ideas are aplenty, you just need to look at things a little differently. And, most importantly, don’t give up. Treat those nooks and crannies as an opportunity to flex your imaginative muscles. Take up the challenge and you’ll outdo yourself.

Img Courtesy: casa-construct.ro, Dering Hall, Houzz.in.

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