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4 Wedding Trends You’re Going to Obsess Over in 2018

There’s a popular saying – marriages are made in heaven. But wedding trends? They’re made right here on earth and they keep changing from year to year.

“Why bother,” you think. “I can always stick to the classic touches. They never go out of style.” And you’d be absolutely right. Evergreen is ever-appealing, but sometimes they also can do with a touch of the contemporary. Besides, it’s always good to know of the latest fads. Who knows what might catch your fancy and change the way you’re planning your wedding in 2018!

Industrial Open Venues

2017 weddings were all about garden and meadows and celebrating nuptials in the lap of nature. This year, however, industrial-looking venues are becoming popular.

We know, we know. ‘Industrial venues’ don’t have a romantic ring to it, but lofts, warehouses, and galleries with high ceilings and exposed surfaces have a really cool and edgy vibe. Besides, they’re extremely versatile in nature. From an all-white décor to a flowery theme to a fairytale setting with candles and lights, these spaces can be dressed up in a hundred different ways to suit your personal taste. Couples are loving the fact that, instead of pre-designed, pre-fabricated décor options, they finally have a blank canvas to work with and plan the wedding or reception of their dreams.

Marvelous Marble

One trend that’s really sweeping across the wedding industry is the use of marble. And surprising as it might sound, it pairs really well with industrial venues. With its ice-cold texture, luscious swirls, and luxurious sheen, marble adds elegance to the rustic setting of the venue.

How do you incorporate marble into your wedding? From the grand to the subtle, there are many ways in which this expensive looking stone can grace your wedding. Here are ways to give your weddings a marble-ous touch.

–       Wedding Stationery

–       Mini vases

–       Mats

–       Coasters

–       Napkins

–       Placeholders

–       Table runners

–       Wedding plates

–       Candle stands

–       Marble-patterned balloons

And if you want to go all out, you could have marble dance floors as well. Yes, that’s actually a thing, and it’s fast becoming a rage around the world. One can only imagine how pretty the bride and groom will look as they glide across the marble floor for their first dance.

Color Me Copper

2107 was the year of rose gold, but copper details are back to rule the roost. They can be used in chairs, cups, cutlery, and ribbon, among other things, and they look particularly fetching when reflecting light, making them great for evening ceremonies.

Also, copper lends itself well to modern shapes and geometric angles, adding a modern twist to your minimalist or industrial wedding theme. So, consider having tea light holders, lanterns, and votives in whimsical shapes and geometric patterns.

But guess what this burnished metallic pairs really well with? Marble! That’s right. Life has come a full circle. Think copper colored cutlery with marble plates, or copper candelabras resting on marble tables or even something small like copper rings around marble-inspired napkins. Beauty is in the details, and these metallic details are really beautiful.

Demure Table Wreaths

With the wedding landscape undergoing change, even the tablescape is trying hard to keep up. The traditional tall and elaborate centerpieces are being replaced with low wreaths that run across the length of the table. Not only do they look stunning, but the guest is also able to see each other comfortably.

Regarding the flowers being used, while soft dusky shades were in vogue earlier, rich, hues like deep reds, burgundy, purple, even black (if you can find black roses) are being preferred now. They bring just the right amount of drama to an otherwise conventional table arrangement.

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