Designing a Cozy Living Room that Facilitates Conversations

Designing a Cozy Living Room that Facilitates Conversations

In any home, the living room is a place that sees a lot of traffic. Not only do guest make themselves comfortable here when they come over, but the family also tends to lounge around the living room to pass time. By its very nature, this space lends itself to conversations and get together.

Unfortunately, the average household doesn’t put a lot of thought into designing a living room. They plonk a sofa set, a couple of arm-chairs, and a coffee table in there and call it day. Is there really more to putting a living room together?

Yes! Yes, there is. And we’re going to tell you the basics of designing a cozy living room that fosters conversations and lets it run absolutely free.

1. Remove Distractions


Electronics have overpowered our lives. Everywhere we look, we see people huddled together, their heads hanging down, their eyes glued to the screens in their hands. We are supposed to be social animals, but this obsession with electronic gadgets, seems to be robbing that instinct from us altogether.

Get rid of all electronics from your living room. No TV, no computer, no home theater, no nothing! You might even want to consider turning off the wifi for a couple of hours when you have guests over. Without all that electronic stimulus, you will at least have a fair chance of striking up a conversation.

2. Circular Seating


How do you hope to start a conversation, much less sustain it, if people are not facing each other? The best way to have everybody participate in a conversation is to arrange your furniture such that everybody is looking at each other.

You might also want to to invest in furniture that lets you really unwind, like comfy couches, plush sofas or relaxing recliners. Nothing gets a conversation going like a bunch of people who are feeling snug, with not a care in the world.

3. Light Up the Room!


Artificial lights, when tastefully chosen can bring great warmth to a room, but nothing beats a room that’s flooded with natural light. Have large French windows and sunroofs to let in all the sunlight possible. This is especially important if you have a great view to tap into. If not, throw open the curtains and soak up all the vitamin D you can get. It’s a great way to charge your brain.

 4. Decorate With Books


What better way to stimulate meaningful conversations than to surround yourself with books. They’re a record of every human advancement ever. A treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, books will ensure that you never run out of topics to discuss.

More importantly, when you get tired of discussing things, just pull out your favorite poet or novel from the shelf lose yourself in beautiful words. Books, in short, will see to it that you’re never truly alone.

Image Courtesy: Houzz, Derring Hall

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