4 Cool Tips To Up Your Game While Redesigning Your Sleeping Quarters

4 Cool Tips To Up Your Game While Redesigning Your Sleeping Quarters

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives on our beds? So, of course, it makes perfect sense to put in some time and energy in styling our bed linen. It’s time to do away with the basic doona covers and two pillow combination, instead, take inspiration from luxurious hotels from around the world as we take you through some of our finest bed styling tips.

There’s no reason for you to sleep in sloppy sleeping quarters when you can enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep on your very own well-designed bedding. So, let’s look at a few tips on how you can make your bedding to give it elegance and a cozy look at the same time.

 Indulge in Luxury Bedding

Chevron lines on this off-white and grey reversible quilt create a very neat pattern. Pretty and minimalist, Iki is a contemporary designer quilt that will dress you bed chamber with understated style. Pair it with matching euros, it can also work as a coverlet or bedspread.

 A Seasonal Makeover with Bedding


Give your bedroom a whole new look with a revamp of the bedding colors and textures that reflect the season. In the picture above, the texture is mild and sober to get the bed ready for summers. Inspired by Victorian-era upholstery, the bedspread is textured and runs through the velvet surface that creates light and shade reflecting its quality fabric. It is ideal for dens, beds, divans or anywhere you want to place for a spread of tactile luxury.

Proper Care for Sheets

Always make sure to launder the new sheets before using them. There are residual sizing and chemical odors that gather during the manufacturing process which needs to be cleaned out before you start sleeping on them. Most sheets can be washed in lukewarm water and a mild detergent. However, the bedspread here must be dry cleaned only for proper care.

Energize with High-Contrast Colors

Bold colors and simple geometric patterns can enliven your bedroom. Choose a contemporary color scheme that brings together a room to create high contrast schemes. The bedspread in the picture above is inspired by early designs on pottery and rock carvings that invoke both comfort and style. The exclusive boudoir bedspread has the energy to transform your space with a stunning charm. Your bedroom is the most important space in your home; it is your private space and deserves to reflect your style. So, pick bed linen that you can cherish and bring you calm and happiness whenever you lie on your bed.

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