New Year, New Home: Design Resolutions to Make for 2019

New Year, New Home: Design Resolutions to Make for 2019

It’s time to throw away that old calendar and replace it with a brand new one for the New Year. And it’s also the right time to make some resolutions for 2019. Because what’s a new year, if you don’t make promises to yourself.

But, while you’re busy drawing up a list of to-do’s for yourself, spare a thought for your home as well. And let these décor resolutions guide you towards a more stylish and beautiful home in the coming year.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter? What clutter, you ask with an innocent look on your face. You know what clutter we’re talking about missy, hidden away in the drawers of your desk, stashed away under your bed, or dumped in storerooms. Get rid of everything you don’t need – give it away, sell it online, donate to charity so that someone else can use what you clearly haven’t in all these years.

Opt for Sustainability

Natural resources are being depleted faster than mankind can keep up with it. And there’s no reason why your décor choices have to be a burden on the planet. Embrace the eco-friendly movement by selecting products that are made from reclaimed wood or other sustainable material. Mother nature will thank you for it.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While we’re at it, there’s another earth-friendly gesture you can make – reduce your consumption of power. Nope, we’re not asking you to invest in a hybrid car or install solar panels on your roof (although that would be very nice!). Just show a little bit of common sense and follow basic practices. For instance, switch off the light, fan, and AC when you’re not in the room, swap out old bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs, run a washing machine only on full load, and use common areas of the house wherever possible, instead of sitting in separate rooms.

Opt for Minimalist Interiors

Less is more. Less speaks volumes. Less adds a class. And unless you have a thing for dust bunnies, you should consider scaling down on your homely possessions. Too many people buy too many things for their home and then wonder why there’s no space. As a result, it starts feeling stuffy, messy, and claustrophobic. And you have a home that’s no longer a space that brings comfort or joy.

Minimalist interiors can facilitate a feeling of calmness. Their simplicity soothes you, uplifts your mood, and quells anxiety. In addition, it keeps dust, dirt, and allergens at bay. Space opens up, bringing a visual tranquility that was sorely missing before.

Add Some Flair to Your Décor

Going minimal doesn’t mean you have to cut out drama from your life. Make bold experiments choose colors, patterns, and designs that you haven’t used before. Look for inspiration beyond Pinterest and Instagram, and let global inspirations and design innovations guide your decor choices.

Instead of sticking to the pastel scheme, add a delicious pop of color to your rooms. That lime green you were avoiding, that fuschia pink you weren’t sure about – Go ahead and experiment with them. Don’t paint the entire room, if you don’t want to; pick up cushions, drapes, accessories, or decor items in these bold colors and use them in the room. The point is to do something different, and you can take baby steps towards that.

New Year is about new beginnings – it’s about getting a second chance at things. We are given the luxury of making new decisions and this year, we should make those decisions count. Here’s to hoping that your homes will echo your resolutions and prepare for the vibrant and beautiful 2019!

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